stlearn.add.labels(adata: AnnData, label_filepath: Optional[str] = None, index_col: int = 0, use_label: Optional[str] = None, sep: str = '\t', copy: bool = False) Optional[AnnData][source]

Add label transfer results into AnnData object

  • adata (AnnData The data object to add L-R info into) –

  • label_filepath (str The path to the label transfer results file) –

  • use_label (str Where to store the label_transfer results, defaults to 'predictions' in adata.obs & 'label_transfer' in adata.uns.) –

  • sep (str Separator of the csv file) –

  • copy (bool Copy flag indicating copy or direct edit) –



Return type:

AnnData The data object that L-R added into