AnnData, use_label: str, figsize=(16, 10), cell_label_size=20, axis_text_size=18, tick_size=14, show=True)[source]

Checks relationship between no. of significant CCI-LR interactions and cell type frequency.

  • adata (AnnData) – Data on which & has been performed.

  • use_label (str) – The cell type label information used when running

  • figsize (tuple) – Size of outputted figure.

  • cell_label_size (int) – Size of the cell labels put on top of the bar chart.

  • axis_text_size (int) – Size of the axis text.

  • tick_size (int) – Size of the ticks displayed at bottom of chart.

  • show (bool) – Whether to show the plot or not; if false returns figure & axes.


The figure, axes for the barchart, and twin axes for the lineplot.

Return type:

Figure, Ax1, Ax2